Quality of work and reflection

quality of work

Quality of work is one way to look at whatever you’re doing and seeing where you stand with your skills and such. Quality of work is also a way to keep good livelihood as people seem to value good work high and people who do good usually seem to keep …

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Life moves on and hopefully we as well

life moves on

Life moves on, no matter what. That is one thing that no one can stop, even if it sometimes feels like we’re stuck. As a matter of fact, that is our perception about our own life so in a way it could be true. On the bigger scene thought, things …

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What is your goal in life?

what is your goal in life

What is your goal in life? I sometimes ask this from myself when I’m feeling like questioning my current status. There are few things that I’ve really liked as goals. One is having offspring and second is having a nice respectable life. My definition of nice respectable life is doing …

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What is happiness to you?

What is happiness to you

What is happiness to you?  I keep on asking this question sometimes from my self when I want to reflect on my life. Days go by and situations change, but how about how you or I feel? I’ve made my decision to be happy a long time ago, but it …

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When friends let you down

when friends let you down

When friends let you down, it feels quite horrible. I used to say that true friendship are those people who come to help you move to another apartment without alcohol. It worked when I was younger and those friends were good I think. Growing older, building families and most of …

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For positive mind positive life

positive mind positive life

Positive mind  positive life I like to think. There are many reasons to feel unhappy, I know, but that’s just how life works in my opinion. This is also a matter of personality, because we think differently. I for one, don’t often think about things too far from the reality …

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Foundation for life as I see them

Foundation for life

Foundation for life, or good foundation when talking about children, is safe environment and people. I think I heard years ago that the relationship of the parents is the home for the child. I kind of liked that quote. I know I’m talking about ideals here and not all kids …

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Words of thanks and appreciation importance

words of thanks and appreciation

Words of thanks and appreciation are important to us as we are in constant dialog with the people surrounding us. How you speak to others reflects your own personal characteristics so its good for kids, adults and most of all for people whose income comes from working with their personality. …

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Good deeds reflect good character right

good deeds reflect good character

Good deeds reflect good character in my opinion. I think we, as a people, are what we do. Sure, we are many things, but what others see is how we affect the world. If I don’t do anything, no one near me can judge me to be anything else than …

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What i want to be when I grow up someday

what i want to be when i grow up

What I want to be when i grow up? It’s question that for some, is hard to answer. When I was working with teenagers it was a question that brought a lot of anxiety as the grown up world seemed so big and so full of open questions that you …

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